Lunch Box Lover

28 Feb

I love packing my lunches- I love restaurants but not for everyday and esp. not for lunch cos I like it to be quick and convenient…with my new favorite store being daiso it’s not surprising that bento boxes are another new fave


Great how to post on packing Bento boxes



Design Inspiration

28 Feb

As mentioned in prior post Ive been searching for inspiration- lots of great decor n craft blogs out there. Its absolutely amazing what you can do with some creativity:

I also get inspiration from my favorite beauty bloggers re: makeup storage

and even get some tips from websites of retailers like

West African Interior Design???

28 Feb

I’m going to be moving to West Africa shortly and Ive been searching for pictures of apartments for inspiration. .erm. FAIL? I cant find a single picture…Someone please help me out because I have tons of inspiration for apartments in other countries but I specifically want ones in West Africa for a few reasons

different architecture/construction of apartments/houses

Availability of products locally

Cultural influence

My past few apartments have been company provided with very little personal touch so Im super excited about the new crib..I see girly-glam but very comfortable and still contemporary…not cheap but inexpensive 😉

My current apartment in Dubai is HUGE while my apartment in the UK was MINI and I liked it just as much as this one. I firmly believe its not the amount of space you have but hows you work it.

Getting Organized- Lip Palettes

6 Feb

Hello world!

21 Jan

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